Send Out Some Joy Luigi-Style! With Dragon's Den partner David Chilton.

Video that charmed the Dragons by Anna Malkin; Luigi Lovebird song by Mike Nicholls.

Discover IN 29 SECONDS how a show business bird and his assistant make greeting cards!


Luigi sends personal greetings to sick kids all over the world. Kids love to get a card from a yellow bird! If you know a child who would like to get a card from Luigi please email Mary at

Each donation of $5 funds 2 cards for sick kids!

Definitely the strangest pitch, but also my favorite pitch of the Season. Luigi’s is one of the most memorable and popular pitches in Dragons’ Den’s history.
— David Chilton, The Wealthy Barber and Luigi's Personal Dragon
After hearing Mary’s unique story and seeing the detail and craftsmanship behind these beautiful cards, we immediately were on board.
— Patrick Carr, President, Hallmark Canada (we are no longer with HM but can't thank them enough)
Your card made my day.
— Temple Grandin, Animal Scientist, Author, Activist
The most collectible greeting cards on the planet.
— Diana McMeekin, Artemis Marketing Group
I gave my boyfriend the cards and he was SO surprised! He had this huge smile all night. I loved seeing how happy the cards made him.
— Jessica
Rare and peculiar works of art!
— Paul, New Jersey
These cards are beautiful! As an animal lover and bird owner I think these are fabulous. I will be happy to give these cards to friends and loved ones. I love these!
— Rantings of a Ginger Mommy, member, Hallmark Press Panel
Luigi is a visual arts rebel.
— Scott Wingfield, Art Ink Print
Luigi and Mary in the studio smaller.jpg