Send Out Some Joy with Canada's Favourite Lovebird!

Video that charmed the Dragons by Anna Malkin; Luigi Lovebird song by Mike Nicholls.

Please email Mary or Luigi at for more information about cross species greeting cards!

Discover IN 29 SECONDS how a show business bird and his assistant make greeting cards!


Luigi sends personal greetings to sick kids all over the world. Kids love to get a card from a yellow bird! If you know a child who would like to get a card from Luigi please email Mary at

Each donation of $5 funds 2 cards for sick kids!

Definitely the strangest pitch, but also my favorite pitch of the Season. Luigi’s is one of the most memorable and popular pitches in Dragons’ Den’s history...And it’s not just a fun story with the bird, you have to be fantastic to be published by Hallmark.
— David Chilton, Former Dragon on CBC Dragons' Den
I must say, I’ve seen everything now...Yay Luigi Baby!
— Kevin O'Leary, Former Dragon, CBC Dragons' Den and Current Shark, ABC's Shark Tank
Your card made my day.
— Temple Grandin, Animal Scientist, Author, Activist
After hearing Mary’s unique story and seeing the detail and craftsmanship behind these beautiful cards, we immediately were on board.
— Patrick Carr, President, Hallmark Canada
The oddest couple ever!
— Sook Yin Lee, Host, Definitely Not The Opera
I am an illustrator and I think your artwork is very beautiful. Your passion for creativity is very inspiring and it’s exciting to see your success. Congrats on the great idea, craftsmanship and amazing bird.
— Kris Noelles, Illustrator,
Thank you very much for the card you sent George. He has a big smile on his face. Happy that you are part of our ‘Made in Canada’ Lounge at TIFF.
— Jacinta K., Assistant to George Strombolopolis, Host, George Strombolopolis Tonight
The most collectible greeting cards on the planet.
— Diana McMeekin, Artemis Marketing Group
A strange intersection between species.
— Bowman Hastie III, Guardian of Tillamook Cheddar, canine "scratch artist" and owner of an original Luigi collage, Brooklyn New York
Rare and peculiar works of art!
— Paul Aluotto, Owner of a Luigi Original Collage, New Jersey
Luigi and Mary in the studio smaller.jpg